Having written prose and poetry since I was a child, screenwriting was a new form of writing to which I was introduced in college at Kent State University around 2019. Studying the greats like Jordan Peele, Paul Schrader, the Coen Brothers, and of course Kelly Reichardt have helped me find my voice in navigating this new medium. While I'm certainly still learning, I'm certainly eager to work and make new connections within the world of screenwriting! 

If you're interested in reading any of the scripts below, or have any inquiries about my writing, process, or want to collaborate on your next script, drop me a line and let's put your next idea into the world!

SAMSARA | 2023 | Short 

Sci-Fi | Holiday | Dark Comedy

Made for the 48 Hour Film Festival, a disgruntled employee kills his boss only to return to work the next day to find him alive.

A Most Unpleasant Night | 2023 | Short

Sci-fi | Dark Comedy | Thriller

After a dog goes missing in the sleepy 1960s Appalachian town of Pleasantville, Ohio, a family rallies behind two unlikely heroes to track down the thing last seen with the pup: the elusive cryptid, Mothman. 

What Work Is | 2024 | Short

Drama | Slow | Family

A young man balances school, work, wrestling, and drama, all while trying to support his suicidal single father on strike from the local steel plant. 

Bound | 2024 | Feature

Slow Burn | Thriller

A heliophobic casino custodian battles a mounting anguish fueled by a violent childhood, worldly worries, and the arrival of an otherworldly black dog. 

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